PRESS RELEASE 13-October-2020

South Dublin company SUBSNINJA brings a much needed COVID-19 visitor self screening service online, free to use for all.


With some time on their hands recently, the Tallaght based software company SUBSNINJA have been working on a digital service to make it easier for clubs, schools, clinics, care-homes and community facilities to address national and local authority requirements for visitor pre-registration, Covid-19 Self Screening, self-assessment and contact tracing of visitors.

Today they have announced that this service is now up and running at "C19REGISTER.COMand is totally free to use

The project came about because SUBSNINJA had provided a number of free online student pre-registration forms for schools, and clubs in the Dublin area after the first lockdown eased. As more requests came in, driven by local/national authority requirements, it made sense to build out a simple online service that anyone could use to get their online COVID screening form up quickly themselves.

"It gave us a way to contribute something of value and help improve safety in schools, clubs, small businesses and other orgaised community activities during this pandemic."   
" ..and thought the service has only been up a short while it has a hundred organisations using it every day, with a growing number from the UK and USA.   We hope now that more people will discover and use this service to help keep their community a little safer. 

Said Jer Ryan, Founder - SUBSNINJA.COM

"The pandemic will be with us for a while so we are committed to keeping the service up for as long as is needed"  

If you have anyone visiting your premises and you need an online COVID-19 Self-screening form, a daily registration list and an attendance record, then this free service will be of great use.  GET STARTED   IT'S FREE!

SUBSNINJA is a provider of ultra low cost, GDPR compliant, Membership Management & Billing Software for small sports clubs, fitness consultants,  and voluntary organisations in local communities. Visit SUBSNINJA.COM for more details.

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Jer Ryan  - CEO
Jer Ryan - Managing Ninja, SUBSNINJA.COM



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