COVID-19 Compliance Officer Guidelines

It is important to remember that clubs should be adopting a phased approach to returning to training and introducing classes over time. Clubs need to take their time in finding a suitable procedure which works for their club and by using a phased approach they will be able to provide a safer environment for their members. Clubs must also be advising all guardians of under 18’s participating in club activities that they should remain within 5 minutes of the venue at all times.

COVID-19 Officer guidance

What is COVID-19 Self-screening?

Self-screening is the process by which individuals answer questions in relation to themselves and COVID-19. The COVID-19 Register self-screening form is used help members to understand their responsibility in regard to avoiding any contacts/spread of COVID-19 in their club and to pre-book a place on the next session. 

When must a self-screening form be submitted to the COVID-19 Officer?

A self-screening form must be submitted prior to attending any club activity (indoor, outdoor, training, competition etc.) ideally no earlier than 12 hours and no later than 2 hours before attending n session/class.

Is it only students/players who must submit a self-report screening form?

No, anyone attending the club must submit a self-screening form prior to attending any activity or accompanying anyone doing so. This includes, but not limited to players, coaches, instructors, players, people on duty and COVID-19 Officers.

What is the best process for submitting a self-screening form?

The most suitable and safest way for clubs to undertake this process is to use an online method of submission like the one provided at C19REGISTER.COM. This reduces the need to store paper forms and can be checked and reviewed in plenty of time prior to a session starting. We are very much aware that all clubs are different in the way they operate so it is important to develop a submission process that works for your club and members. We advise clubs to choose only one method and communicate this clearly to all club members.

How do we manage the submission of a self-screening form when an early morning session is planned?

It is advisable to impose a cut off time the evening before, such as 7pm for submission of forms. This would then give enough time for the Lead COVID-19 Officer to review and prepare appropriately.

Who can review the form submissions register?

Only those whom the Lead COVID-19 Officer designates appropriate may access the password/PIN protected daily registration list. 

How long are daily registration lists kept?

In line with good practice GDPR guidelines about keeping private data, we keep records only for on month (30 days) after which they are deleted permanently. 

What happens if a member starts showing symptoms between submitting a form and the training session taking place?

It is extremely important to advise any member that if they start showing symptoms of COVID-19 prior to any training session they must not attend. They should contact their GP and they must remain away from club activities for 14 days or provide a negative COVID-19 test result.

Do we still need to maintain seperate attendance records if we are using the C19Register self-screening form?

No. We have built in a method whereby you can tick off those members on a daily registration list to keep an attendance record. It is extremely important to process attendance as records must be accurate in case the club has any confirmed cases of COVID-19 and contact tracing is required. 

What happens if a member does not submit a form and turns up?

The COVID-19 Officer must follow whatever club procedures that have been established to deal with this situation. It recommended that a fundamental rule be established that anyone taking part in a club activity must have submitted a self-screening form prior to the session.

What happens is aperson declares a yes on their form?

If a member declares a yes on the C19 Register form, they will be advised not to attend, Contact thier GP and self-isolate for 14 days.

What happens if a member becomes unwell during a session?

If a member becomes unwell during a session they should be isolated from other participants, guardian contacted immediately and return home as soon as possible. They must contact their GP for advice and remain away from club activities for 14 days or provide a negative COVID-19 test result. It would be advisable for both the COVID-19 Officer and unwell member to wear PPE throughout this process. All persons who have been in close contact with the suspect case will need to self-isolate for 14 days or until further information is available (i.e. a negative test result of the suspect case).

What are the safeguarding considerations for isolating a member under 18 years of age?

The coach should hold all emergency contact details, ensure that a guardian is contacted immediately. The COVID-19 Officer on duty should maintain social distancing while bringing the unwell member to the designated isolation area. Call facility staff on duty for assistance. It is important to remind guardians to remain within 5 minutes of the facility.

What happens if a member has a confirmed case of COVID-19?

The club must follow the procedures as outlined by their local health authority COVID-19 action plan. In general, all direct contacts in the club should be informed and self-isolate for 14 days.

Finally all Clubs should have a return to training Declaration form.

A return to training declaration form is a document that all members should be asked to sign and return to the Lead COVID-19 Officer prior to returning to any club activities. This form should seek to confirm that members/guardians are aware of the processes, risk and agree to abide by all rules and procedures etc. It is different to the daily COVID-19 self screening form as it will only need to be signed and submitted once by a member. (Example Return-to-training Declaration Form).

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