COVID-19 self-assessments for Third Level institutions mandatory in Canada

Department of Education COVID-19 self assessment screening form web application 

Provincial regulation and public health guidance in Canada now require that post-secondary institutions implement COVID-19 health screening for anyone coming to campus.

In order to comply with these directives, a self-assessment is now required for all members of the University of Toronto, including faculty members, librarians, staff, and students, each day they visit any one of the three UofT campuses or any other property owned or operated by UofT. 

Individuals can complete the required self-assessment and generate a risk status each time they come to U of T by using a web based screening form application. Individuals who complete the online self-assessment will either receive a green risk status, indicating that they are OK to visit campus, or a red risk status, signalling that must not come to campus. In the event of a red risk status, users are also provided with information about next steps and links to further information. Individual responses to the online self-assessment questions are not accessible by anyone at the university. 

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“We know that one way we can limit the spread of COVD-19 is to monitor our health and stay home if we have symptoms,”

said Cheryl Regehr, UofT’s vice-president and provost.

“By taking just a few minutes to complete a self-assessment each time they visit campus, students, faculty and staff can help safeguard their own health while also contributing to the broader goal of curtailing the spread of the virus in the community.” 


A Ready-to-Go Solution for Campuses 

COVID-19 Student self-assessment form

Accessible via web browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones, a Web based COVID-19 Self-screening form is the easiest and most secure way to complete the required self-assessment and generate a COVID-19 risk status prior to visiting recommending whether individuals should visit campus in person.   

The COVID-19 Register project was set-up for exactly this purpose, is free to use and implement on any Campus in any juristiction. A GDPR compliant and encrypted service, it was developed to help keep campus communities healthy and safe by allowing the quick implementation and rollout of visitor/student/staff self-assessment for visitors and college staff/students each time they want to attend.

If you are a university, college or school organisation, and would like to roll out your own trial you can use the C19REGISTER.COM service for free.

If you would prefer, we can customise/rebrand and host a private version of the service for your campus only  -  see whitelabel


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