IMAC protocol for Safe-Return-to-Training requires that all persons attending Martial Arts Dojo's must Pre-Register and submit a COVID-19 Self-screening form before every Visit.

Martial Arts Clubs Covid screening forms online

IMAC Committee

The Irish Martial Arts Commission (IMAC) is a Government recognised National Governing Body for martial arts in Ireland.

IMAC is constituted to represent: Aikido, Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Karate, Kendo (including Jo-Do & Iaido), Tang Soo Do, Wushu (including Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Lau Gar), Ninjutsu, Sambo and Muay Thai. The Irish Martial Arts Commission continuously works to improve the standards of martial arts in Ireland, among the functions of IMAC, the commission provides education to members on Safeguarding issues and has issued a Return-To-Training Protocol to help keep Clubs (IMAC member Clubs) and Staff aware of the dangers and best practice safety protocal to adopt when restrictions ease and clubs are alloed to reopen.

A part of this protocal requires Clubs to put in place a visitor pre-registration process and a COVID self assesement form for all visitors to the dojo (training hall) including instructors and staff.

IMAC clubs in Ireland are one of the early adopter groups to make use of the COVID-19 Register Project

And via word of mouth martial arts clubs in the UK have begun to trial and adopt the service as part of their local authority guidance.

If you are a Club (in any sport) it is recommended that you have some form of preregistration and self-screening form in place. The easiest way to put this in place is to use


Chesterfield County requiring Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire

Temp checks and online form must be completed before each visit by County employees and all school student...