With COVID cases spiking since the beginning of Fall, there are new guidelines that will help students and staff of Arapahoe Community College to stay safe.

online covid symptom screening form

The new guidelines involve a new Symptom Screening Form while retaining previous precautions. The precautions & new guidelines could help ACC find cases of COVID-19 and contain the virus more effectively.

All individuals of ACC are required to provide their health concerns before entering the Littleton, Castle Rock, or Parker Campus. If individuals of ACC have been exposed or were around someone already infected with the virus, then staying alert and contact tracing will help to slow the spread of COVID-19.

All staff of ACC are asked to complete a brief self-assessment checklist each day before arriving on campus. The self-assessment is the Symptom Screening form that staff can access through the portal and answer the symptom questions with a yes or no. Staff members who answer yes to any COVID-19 symptom are asked to remain home and contact their health provider. Supervisors and HR need to be informed of such cases before staying home. ACC staff don’t need to complete the Symptom screening form if they are not coming to any ACC campuses.

Also, students and authorized visitors need to complete this form as well. If students, authorized visitors or staff come to campus without filling the Symptom Screening form first, there will be a QR code at any ACC entry to complete this form before entering. The information gathered from symptom screening forms will be used to assist contact tracing for recent COVID-19 positive cases.


A Ready-to-Go Solution for Campuses 

COVID-19 Student self-assessment form

Accessible via web browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones, a Web based COVID-19 Self-screening form is the easiest and most secure way to complete the required self-assessment and generate a COVID-19 risk status prior to visiting recommending whether individuals should visit campus in person.   

The COVID-19 Register project was set-up for exactly this purpose, is free to use and implement on any Campus in any juristiction. A GDPR compliant and encrypted service, it was developed to help keep campus communities healthy and safe by allowing the quick implementation and rollout of visitor/student/staff self-assessment for visitors and college staff/students each time they want to attend.

If you are a university, college or school organisation, and would like to roll out your own trial you can use the C19REGISTER.COM service for free and Create your campus visitor self-screening form in under five minutes.  

Chesterfield County requiring Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire

Temp checks and online form must be completed before each visit by County employees and all school student...