Why is it free?

We (SUBSNINJA.COM) were looking at ways to do something, anything really, to help out in a small way during this pandemic. We were receiving a lot of requests from clubs about integrating a visitor pre-registration form into their SUBSNINJA.COM service so we hit on the idea of the COVID-19 Register project as a better solution, so that anyone, not just SUBSNINJA.COM users could put up a COVID-19 Pre-registration form without fuss in under five minutes. To make it more useful, we added in an attendance confirmation feature for better contact tracing.

We then raised a small bit of Sponsorship funding and went about it.  I think we created something nice and simple to use at C19REGISTER.COM

It's not rocket science, but it is still a full-scale SaaS application, that needs to be supported and maintained, hence the appeal for sponsorship in a few places throughout.

And for any cynics out there, for sure this project may make visitors aware of SUBSNINJA.COM, but, that's not a bad thing, as SUBSNINJA.COM is also free to use for all clubs during the Pandemic. (Grab your FREE SUBSNINJA.COM account here)

How long will the C19REGISTER.COM service be maintained?

We plan to keep the service up and running for as long as it is needed. We will continue appealing for sponsorship to support the service and the increase in load as more users come onboard. If you are feeling generous we have a Tip Jar

Can I upload a logo to my form?

Yes, anyone who makes the smallest contribution to our Tip Jar can upload their logo for addition to the top of their forms. (upload your logo)

Can I get registrations automatically emailed to me?

Yes, If you have supported the project with a tip of €10 or more, you can request that we add auto-email function to your account.  Tip Jar

Do you show adverts anywhere to form users?

No. There are no third party adverts published anywhere on the service. 

Do you market to my users directly or send them anything?

No, there is no communication between us and your form users.

Will you be publically listing us on your website?

No. To ensure account holder privacy we won't disclose your details anywhere without your permission.

I'm concerned about data privacy, do you use information submitted on these forms?

No, your form submission data is yours alone. We will never use it for any purpose. It is stored in a secure database in your account for 60 days and thereafter is automatically deleted. Read our privacy statement for more detail.

Can I get rid of the "powered by C19Register" statement & Logo on my form completion thank-you page?

Yes, anyone sending us a tip of €20 or more, can request to have this information removed from their confirmation page for twelve (12) months. (remove now). 

Could we get a copy of the C19REGISTER.COM service that we can rebrand and offer to our community?

Yes, If you are a Government body, Healthcare authority, a University or College, a School organisation, a Medical group, a Governing body, Local authority or other interested party, we can provide an independently hosted, re-branded version of this service for you using your own domain name. See our Whitelabel & Privatelabel Service.

Chesterfield County requiring Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire

Temp checks and online form must be completed before each visit by County employees and all school student...