Would you like to provide this free-to-use service under your own brand?

If you represent a government authority, provincial regulation, public healthcare, a university/college, a school organisation, a medical group, a governing authority, or other interested party, and would like to offer a similar service to your members or comminity under your ownbrand, we can build and host a seperate version of this web service for you, using a domain name or a sub-domain of your choice and using your own logo. 

How much would that cost?
Not a lot really. We can provide a seperately hosted and private White-label Service, including technical support for a flat monthly fee of €180 plus a €1 fee* per customer account.
(* negotiable on volume)

Extend features & function?
We can also add custom form fields, email functionality and additional features to suit your application needs.

Please contact us on mailbox@c19register.com or call +35315611917 and tell us what you need.

whitelabel the COVID-19 Register project for your brand

White label agreement

Chesterfield County requiring Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire

Temp checks and online form must be completed before each visit by County employees and all school student...