Illinois Board of Higher Education mandates Covid-self screening for all campus visitors to Colleges.



COVID-19 Campus Visit Screening

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment for campus communities, the Illinois Community College Board and the Illinois Board of Higher Education has instructed that visitor health screenings may be on a self-monitoring basis.

All students, employees and visitors must complete a daily self-screening prior to visiting any campus, and that campus administrators can reserve the right to prohibit an individual from entering College property based on the results of the self-screening.

"Getting this in place quickly is critical to safe-guarding our campus communities"


A Ready-to-Go Solution for Campuses 

COVID-19 Student self-assessment form

Accessible via web browsers on computers, tablets, and smartphones, a Web based COVID-19 Self-screening form is the easiest and most secure way to complete the required self-assessment and generate a COVID-19 risk status prior to visiting recommending whether individuals should visit campus in person.   

The COVID-19 Register project was set-up for exactly this purpose, is free to use and implement on any Campus in any juristiction. A GDPR compliant and encrypted service, it was developed to help keep campus communities healthy and safe by allowing the quick implementation and rollout of visitor/student/staff self-assessment for visitors and college staff/students each time they want to attend.

If you are a university, college or school organisation, and would like to roll out your own trial you can use the C19REGISTER.COM service for free and Create your campus visitor self-screening form in under five minutes.  



White label / Private service available for large organisations

white label private label covid screening form builder

For larger organisations who want to roll-out the Covid-19 Register project service under their own logo in their own juristiction.
We can build, host and support a seperate re-branded version of the C19REGISTER service for you using your own domain name or a sub-domain of your choice.  Read More>    

Chesterfield County requiring Daily COVID-19 Questionnaire

Temp checks and online form must be completed before each visit by County employees and all school student...